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Come into Being

Emergence is a multi-day luxury experience for wedding professionals to have personalized networking and educational opportunities to elevate their business and community through intentional conversations with like-minded creatives.  

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Emergence was

Conceptualized with Relationships in Mind.

Relationships are invaluable for us in the wedding industry. How do we genuinely begin these relationships? How can we build strong connections within the industry? Where do we go to learn about destination markets and vendor partnerships? With each of our events spanning the course of two to three days, there are plenty of opportunities to connect and start building real relationships that will have a lifelong impact on your business. Emergence allows you to network with other wedding professionals who are looking to achieve the same goals as you are.

With the Emergence experience, we aim to nurture and improve our industry to reach market and creative potential. Emergence is the space where your ideas, opportunities, and feedback are given so your business can grow into what it is uniquely fitted to do. Our event includes intentional and personalized networking and educational opportunities so your business can truly grow.