About Emergence Events

Emergence Events came into being from our passion for uplifting and educating wedding professionals. So many colleagues shared our frustration of knowing our industry could do more and provide better services for our clients. We created an intimate event aimed to nurture and improve our industry to reach market and creative potential. 

This is the space where your business grows into what it is uniquely fitted to do. You are in the room with others who are achieving the same heights. With our events being invitation-only; you share the room with other luxury wedding professionals who are looking to elevate their business and community through intentional conversation. It is one part networking, one part education, and the best part; a retreat. 

Each event is created as an immersive experience to refuel your creativity and energy for the industry we serve. It is designed to not only challenge you but build you up. Our Creative Sessions with our Guest Hosts and Speakers guide you through educational sessions that are candid and tangible so you leave feeling restored. The educational components of our events are specifically curated for those of us who serve, or desire to serve, a high touch point, luxury clientele. With limited seating, you have enough time to truly connect with everyone.

How It Came Into Being

Samantha & Kaytee

Samantha (right) is the creative director of Samantha Joy Events, which is a national event planning and design firm. Inspired by people, she believes that any celebration should be rooted in the story and personality of people. Our fondest memories are rooted in shared experiences with the people we surround ourselves with and each of her events reflect that. Samantha enjoys cultivating a creative community with clients and other businesses by challenging others to think differently and creatively. Gathering friends and family around a table to share a meal is one of her greatest pleasures. Samantha is a passionate traveler, lover of adventure, and a forever student of life.

Kaytee (left), the owner and head designer at Roots Floral Design, brings a fresh and organic take on wedding floral design, allowing each wedding she does to be customizable to the client. Flowers play an impactful role in a wedding brand and she strives to design in a way that is memorable and stands the test of time. Her schooling in fashion and interior design helped her along her journey in floral design. When she isn't neck deep in blooms, Kaytee loves to spend time hiking outdoors with her husband, tw0 daughters, and two dogs. She enjoys traveling the globe, sharing a meal with loved ones, and snuggling in bed with a good book.

Together, Samantha and Kaytee have a shared passion for raising the bar within their local wedding industry and met while doing so for clients. They have a shared background in starting their business in other cities, having similar values, and business goals to push the industry and creative partnerships. Through years of working together, they strive to create new, unique, and standalone events for their clients. Along the way the felt something was missing for their creative partners and amidst in a pandemic conceptualized and launched Emergence Events; a space where event professionals can gather in an intimate setting to grow and build relationships that change the trajectory of their business.