Emergence - Pippin Hill Farm

July 25th - 27th 2023 
Charlottesville, Virgina

Summer Session

This experience was centered around the brightness of summer, local cuisine, fun pattern play, and layers. Attendees were able to breathe in the mountain air and stroll through one of the many picturesque vineyards.  We were able to immerse ourselves in this vibrant southern sanctuary nestled quietly in the Blue Ridge mountains.


Creative director

Shannon Leahy

Attendees had the honor to hear from Shannon Leahy of Shannon Leahy Events. Shannon spoke about "The Million-Dollar Leap: Elevating Your Wedding Business to New Heights".

Attendees were eager to explore the exhilarating world of million-dollar weddings and to learn about Shannon's own journey. Shannon was transparent about her confrontation in this market and the valuable lessons she learned and what it taught her. Attendees left with a fresh perspective and the energy to pursue their biggest dreams.

Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing

We loved hearing Abby and Lisa talk on "Cultivate a Culture: The Art of Building an Exceptional Associate Team."

Abby and Lisa explored key elements for cultivating a culture that not only attracts and retains associates but also inspires a sense of belonging and purpose. They spoke about how you should hire for grit and that lack of ego comes before talent. Abby and Lisa shared that you shouldn't compromise your luxury brand and that being selective in the events you show from your team is key. 


Haley Kelly of
Haley Kelly Events

Emergence was excited to welcome guests to the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains at Pippin Hill Farm for our second event of the 2023 year. Partnered with Haley Kelly Events as the Creative Director, a true immersive design experience was welcomed by each Attendee.

The event was based around a general vibe of summer - bright colors, fun pattern play - a breath of fresh air during the hustle and bustle of summer! Intentional design was in the forefront for this years events - inspiring table settings, new design elements, personalized details through and through. Not only were we focused on design but we had paired musical selections, live event painting, conversation starters, and phenomenal speakers.  

We educated ourselves, had some time for reflection, celebrated where we stand in our businesses currently and embraced the future and growth. Cheers to our time at Emergence and also all of our new colorful attire!

Our Emergence events and experiences would not be possible without Creative Director. We are honored that Haley joined us on this journey to create an amazing event for our Attendees. Her passion for design and hospitality was felt throughout the planning progress and a joy to see come to life at Pippin Hill Farm.

Guest Host

We were excited to have Chris Jespersen from Storybox Cinema as our Guest Host for our Pippin Hill Farm experience. His high energy and authentic personality was felt through out the event and we know our Attendees appreciated his strong perspective on his business and life.

Chris spoke about "The Art of Risk-Taking". Chris emphasized the importance of having perspective and a clear point of view. He encouraged Attendees to not be everything for everyone. He spoke on how overnight success comes from long term thinking. That the risks that have worked out are based on long term connections and not immediate results. Attendees felt rejuvenated and inspired to take big risk in their businesses after his session.

Chris also hosted an additional Q+A where Attendees could ask him a range of questions regarding his business. 

Chris Jespersen of Storybox Cinema

Event Schedule


Guest Arrival and Check In

Opening Session

Breakout Session



Creative Session

Pippin Hill Farm Experiences


July 25th

July 26th

July 27th

Ice Breaker: Line Game



With Guest Host Chris Jespersen




Late Morning


Live Painting on the Veranda


Ice Breaker: Bucket List


In the Tasting Room



Garden Tour and Class
Estate Tour and Tasting
Chef Demo and Cooking Class
Vineyard Tour

Breakout Session

Deep Dive: Marrying your Ikigai and brand



Creative Session

With Speaker Shannon Leahy

Creative Session

With Speaker Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing



With Guest Host Chris Jespersen



Cornerstone Dinner

Event Concludes

Our sixth Emergence event was nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Pippin Hill Farm. Attendees were encouraged to embrace the unique opportunity to put out into the world what they seek to attract. To feel welcomed by the surrounding landscape and surrounded by people who love that they do. 

We were thrilled to have Chris Jespersen from Storybox Cinema as our Guest Host for this event. Shannon Leahy, Abby Jiu, and Lisa Ziesing were our incredible Speakers. Our Attendees were inspired, encouraged to dream big, and take risks. With Emergence being an intimate experience, all Attendees have the opportunity to have 1:1 time with each of our Speakers.

On Day 1 Attendees arrived to Pippin Hill Farm to check in. Attendees grabbed their name tags, which had their personalized itinerary on the back along with their Event Guide. They were greeted with chilled beverages and canapes as Attendees mixed and mingled. Kaytee and Samantha kicked off the event with on an inspiring note along with Dean Easton from The Easton Porter Group.

Our first Breakout Session of the event was a call "Finding and Filling Your Buckets." Attendees were put into groups were they would talk about their business, personal, and support buckets. Attendees shared buckets that felt full or buckets that felt empty. We then transitioned into the "Line Game." Attendees lined up in two rows on either side of tape that was on the floor. Questions were called out and if the question applied to you, you stepped on the line. It was a great icebreaker to begin the event to allow Attendees to quickly get to know others in the room.

After our Breakout Sessions, Attendees headed into a stationed dinner our on the Main Lawn and Veranda followed by an incredible sunset.

Day 2 started with a great breakfast at Pippin Hill Farm. Attendees had their first Creative Session with Chris from Storybox Cinema along with another Breakout Session. This Breakout Session focused on the Ikigai, a Japanese concept that translates to "a reason for being", where Attendees were encouraged to look at their individual Ikigai circles to see other opportunities in their life that they might be missing. This Breakout Session allowed Attendees to be vulnerable to deep dive to learn more about themselves and others.

After lunch Attendees had the opportunity to participate in several activities on the Pippin Hill Farm property. Attendees could do a Cooking Class, Garden Tour and Arranging Class, an Estate Tour and Tasting, or a Vineyard Tour and Tasting.  

Attendees headed into Rest Period while the team at Emergence planned a fun take on Ombre' for cocktails and dinner.

We had a late start to Day 3 so that our Attendees could sleep in. We enjoyed brunch before heading into our Creative Sessions with Shannon Leahy, Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing. After our Creative Sessions, Attendees got to participate in an open Q&A with Guest Host, Chris Jespersen.

After Rest Period, Attendees came back to Pippin Hill Farm for our well known Cornerstone Dinner. Attendees were greeted by a live band and a 5 course meal. Each Attendee had a custom portrait of them made by Cloud Studio Agency. 

We're grateful to our Attendees who made this Emergence event unforgettable. It was a joy to experience this event alongside our Attendees. Emergence is an immersive experience for creative professionals to refuel. It’s a space where we are challenged, uplifted, and inspired.

This event would not have been possible without our Creative Partner and Sponsor team. Our deepest gratitude to them for making this Emergence event one to remember. 

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